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EV Drop Box


Our EV Drop Box comes with a new array of treats and toys for your dog! 
Our small EV Drop Box comes with 5 toys / treats, suitable for a smaller dog or puppy. Do not be fooled, these toys are just as tough as the big guy's toys! Just, smaller. 
Our Medium / Large EV Drop Box comes with 5 heavy duty toys / treats. built to withstand even the roughest of playtimes!  

Our mission at Ever-Lasting Treats is to provide an easy access to high grade toys and treats without the hassle of having to search for them. We also donate 10% of earnings to charities. Including ASPCA and the Humane Society. 

You may be wondering who our adorable little model is. Say hello to precious! She wandered out of the woods to our house as a 3-month-old puppy one day and hasn't left since! Make no mistake, she knew what kind of hoomans she was looking for, and we try our best to be them! Precious is almost 3 years old now and goes nowhere without her tennis ball! due to this, we have added tennis balls to our toy list that you could receive. 

Join the EverLasting Treats monthly subscription box and give your pet the gift of long-lasting fun and excitement! Each month, you'll receive a curated selection of our high-quality, durable, and safe pet accessories, including toys, collars, leashes, and more. Our subscription box is designed to enhance the lives of both pets and their owners, providing hours of fun and playtime while also ensuring your pet's safety.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to receive a monthly delivery of our innovative and long-lasting products. Sign up now and give your pet the best with EverLasting Treats. Plus, as a subscriber, you'll receive exclusive discounts and access to new products before anyone else.

Join the EverLasting Treats subscription box today and experience the joy of happy, healthy, and entertained pets.

Toys seen in pictures may not be what you receive! Our boxes are randomly generated picking from our list of 5-star toys and treats! 

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